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Iran Protests Against Regime Reach Day 40 as Protesters Fired Upon by Security Forces

The grave of Mahsa Amini in her hometown of Saqqez, Iran. Photo obtained by Fox News Digital. (Fox News Digital)
The grave of Mahsa Amini in her hometown of Saqqez, Iran. Photo obtained by Fox News Digital. (Fox News Digital)

Protests against the Iranian regime continue to punctuate forty days after the theocratic state’s notorious morality police allegedly murdered 22-year-old Mahsa Amini for failing to properly cover her hair with a hijab.

The end of the forty-day Iranian mourning period for the Iranian Kurd Amini on Wednesday coincided with massive protests in Amini’s hometown of Saqqez and at her grave at the Aichi cemetery.

Hengaw, a Norway-based human rights group that monitors the situation of Iranian Kurds, tweeted, "Security forces have shot tear gas and opened fire on people in Zindan Square, Saqqez city."

The Iranian-American human rights activist and former head coach of Iran’s national Greco-Roman wrestling team, Sardar Pashaei, told Fox News Digital that he has received reports from his hometown Saqqez that Iranian regime security forces used live ammunition against protestors.

The editor-in-chief of The Foreign Desk, Lisa Daftari, told Fox News Digital "The Iranian people are also sending a strong message to Washington to remove Iran envoy Robert Malley. The Iranian people are calling out the hypocrisy of the White House for condemning the crackdowns and offering support to the protestors on the one hand but pursuing a policy of normalizing relations with the regime on the other." 

She added, "While the Biden administration has taken a break from the nuclear negotiations, Robert Malley came out early on in the protests to say the U.S. will not being supporting a policy of regime change."

Daftari said, "Despite the horrific crackdowns that have resulted in hundreds of violent and senseless deaths of mostly young Iranian students, the Iranian people are more fueled than ever before to make this movement the one that is successful in toppling the regime."

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