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Iran Regime’s Annual Quds Day Rally: Antisemitism, Anti-Israel Aggression on Display

People chant slogans as they set fire to a representation of Israel’s flag, marking al-Quds Day, (Jerusalem Day), during the fasting month of Ramadan in Peshawar, Pakistan April 14, 2023. (photo credit: Fayaz Aziz/Reuters)

Iran’s regime has once again demonstrated its roots in antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiment at the annual Quds Day rally held Friday.

Massive crowds chanted "Death to America" and "Death to Israel" while burning Israeli and American flags.

The regime's state-sponsored event, which aims to showcase mass support for the destruction of the State of Israel, is typically avoided by the general public.

To create the impression of widespread backing, the regime brings Basij paramilitary forces and supporters from smaller towns to provincial capitals, where they participate in demonstrations with large crowds.

All regime insiders are expected to attend, as it serves as a means of reaffirming their loyalty to one of the Islamic Republic's main foreign policy objectives.

President Ebrahim Raisi, cabinet ministers, members of parliament, prominent politicians, and other officials from the inner circles of the regime attended.

Raisi emphasized that "the collapse of the Zionist regime is very close," and the liberation of Quds (Jerusalem) is imminent. He added that normalization of relations with regional states like the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain will not bring security for the Zionist regime.

According to the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s prophecy, Israel has 17 years left until its downfall.

During the event, the commander-in-chief of the IRGC, Hossein Salami, gave a speech in which he asserted that Israel is near collapse and unable to stop the West Bank Palestinians from being armed. This rhetoric underscores the regime's ongoing backing of terrorist groups and its aspiration to unsettle the area.

The Islamic Republic also released a communiqué at the end of the event – dubbed the Quds Day Resolution – threatening states that have restored relations with Israel, including Saudi Arabia and its allies. The resolution also called for the liberation of Jerusalem and the establishment of a Palestinian state with its capital in the city.

Despite the regime's continued aggression towards Israel and the United States, its fight against the tide of hijab rebellion, which has triggered months of violent unrest in the country, remains a losing battle.

The day's final statement reiterated the regime's rhetoric that "hijab is one of the necessities of Islam, and not observing it is a religious and political haram and will cause the foundations of families to weaken."

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