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Iranian Protesters Celebrate Iran Team’s Loss to the U.S.

Iranian Protesters Celebrate Iran Team's Loss to the US

As Iranian protesters are in the third month of protests against the regime in Tehran, many Iranians around the world were rooting for the United States to defeat their national Iran soccer team when the two faced off Tuesday.

Iranians have long accused the soccer team of having close ties to the regime and not truly representing the people, particularly during the current movement.

Protesters came out onto the streets Tuesday night to celebrate their country's loss by clapping, singing, cheering and continuing their slogans of "Death to the Dictator!"

Protests erupted in Iran in late September after 22-year-old Mahsa Amini was taken into custody by Iran's so-called morality policy for showing some of her hair beneath her hijab. Amini was beaten while in custody and died shortly after slipping into a coma.

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