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Iranians Show Support for State of Israel, Ask Biden Not to Finance Iran’s Terror Spending

As rocket attacks against Israel continue, Iranian expatriates are speaking out in support of the state of Israel and condemning the Iranian regime’s terrorist funding.

“We stand in solidarity with the people of Israel and yearn for the day when a free Iran can once again renew the historic ties of friendship that existed between Iran and Israel,” said a statement by the Institute for Voices of Liberty (iVOL) obtained exclusively by The Foreign Desk.

The letter will be signed by 200 Iranian expatriates including journalists, professors, doctors, government officials, engineers and others who were forced to leave their homes behind to escape “the tyranny of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Israel has been targeted by rocket attacks from Gaza, Lebanon, and Syria since escalations began last week. Hamas has fired 3,000 missiles into Israel.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is funding the rocket attacks being launched by its terrorist proxies, according to reports.

“At iVOL we reflect the voices of freedom seeking people of Iran. Voices from inside Iran said one missile can buy 5000 vaccines. Why is our money being spent to kill people instead of saving our lives?” said Hon. Bijan Kian, President of iVOL to The Foreign Desk.

While the Iranian regime’s support for terror is widely known, millions of Iranian people stand against the regime’s policies.

Iranians living within Iran “do not enjoy the fundamental rights to freedom of speech and expression,” so their stance on the regime’s policies often remain unheard, the letter said.

“Because of this, we feel compelled to reflect the wishes and voices of tens of millions of freedom-seeking Iranians who deplore the murderous acts and criminal policies of the Islamist regime.”

“We condemn the acts of terror committed by Hamas, the Islamic jihad, the Lebanese Hezbollah, and all other proxies of terror supported and subsidized by the Islamic Republic of Iran,” said the iVOL letter.

The letter recognizes the loss of innocent Israeli lives while also mourning the deaths of innocent Palestinians living under Hamas’ rule.

“We mourn the deaths of innocent Israelis and Palestinians and deplore the Iranian regime’s exploitation of Palestinians, Lebanese, Houthis, and others as pawns and sacrificial lambs in order to extend its reign of terror and promote its own hegemonic designs.”

In a statement last week, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced that talks with Iran to revive the 2015 nuclear deal would continue even in light of the regime’s intricate ties to terrorist organization’s attacking Israel.

The iVOL Board of Directors and the letter’s signatories are calling on the Biden administration and “all free nations” to maintain sanctions on the regime and to withhold “financial and other resources which enable the Islamic regime to persist in its campaign of terror.”

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