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Zarif Responds to Leaked Audio, Claims He is Committed to “Protecting Interests” of Iranian People

Iran’s Foreign Minister and chief propagandist Javad Zarif said he is committed to “protecting the interests” of the Iranian people, in his first public statement since an audio recording was leaked of him criticizing the regime’s relationship between diplomacy and the military.

“Protecting the interests of the country and the resilient, patient, and brave people of Iran is a covenant that I adhere to until the last moment,” said Zarif in an Instagram post Tuesday.

Zarif is notorious for disseminating propaganda material to garner sympathy from the West and is often painted as a “moderate” by regime sympathizers.

“For the past 40 years, I have tried to be a mujtahid in analysis and an imitator in performance. As an agent, I have always been subject to the policies approved by the country and I have strongly defended them. But in expressing my expert opinion, I have considered seeking forgiveness, appeasement, and self-censorship as betrayal,” said Zarif, who regularly supports censorship of the Iranian people.

Zarif has proven countless times that he supports the regime’s terrorist activities in the region and against its own people and is not, in fact, a moderate.

Rather than working in favor of Iranian human rights, Zarif has played a role in carrying out Ayatollah Khamenei’s totalitarian rule against the Iranian people, whitewashing the numerous crimes committed by the regime.

In the statement, Zarif made no mention of former Secretary of State John Kerry, who is receiving calls for resignation following Zarif’s claims in the leaked audio that Kerry informed Iran of covert Israeli operations against Iranian interests.

This would ultimately imply that Kerry put the interests of a critical U.S. adversary ahead of Israel, a top U.S. ally in the Middle East.

“Kerry’s record of advocating for the Iranian regime, for being wrong on all things related to the Middle East and for lying to the American people is astounding,” said Executive Director of Iranian Americans for Liberty Bryan E. Leib to The Foreign Desk.

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