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Israel, Hamas Deal on Cease-Fire, Hostage-Prison Swap Stalls on Plan to End War, Reports

The deal is being brokered by Egypt, U.S. and Qatar.
Getty Images
Getty Images

Israel and Hamas have reportedly agree in principle to deal in which prisoners and hostages will be released as part of a month-long ceasefire.

However, the framework plan is being held up by the two sides’ differences over how to bring a permanent end to their war in Gaza, sources told Reuters.

The war began in the immediate aftermath of the October 2023 terror attacks on Israel by Hamas, the militant group that rules Gaza, which is home to the Palestinians.

While Israel has sought to negotiate one stage at a time, Hamas is seeking “a package deal” that agrees on a permanent ceasefire before hostages are released during the initial phase, according to the wire service and The Times of Israel, in part based on sources.

The State Department and White House, Qatar’s foreign ministry and Egypt’s State Information Service have not responded to request for comment by the two news outlets.

Gaza residents appeared Wednesday to be protesting against Hamas and demanding the group return hostages taken from Israel, according to a video released by the Israeli Defense Forces.

The same day, other videos appeared to show Israelis, including relatives of captives, protesting the entry of humanitarian aid trucks to Gaza.

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