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Israel Sends Submarine, Warships to Red Sea in Signal to Iran

The drill involved a Dolphin-class submarine and two corvettes and included a number of scenarios in the Red Sea, sending a message to Iran of Israel’s naval might.
A submarine and two battleships conduct drills as part of Chariots of Fire, the IDF's month-long war exercise. (photo credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON'S UNIT)
A submarine and two battleships conduct drills as part of Chariots of Fire, the IDF’s month-long war exercise. (photo credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON’S UNIT)

In a signal to Iran, an Israel Navy sent an advanced Dolphin-class submarine and two warships for an extensive training excursion into the Red Sea as part of "Chariots of Fire," the IDF's month-long war simulation that will end this week.

The Dolphin-class submarine and two the corvettes, Sa'ar 4.5 INS Hetz and Sa'ar 5 INS Eilat conducted drills in which they simulated a mission to achieve naval superiority in the Red Sea while allowing freedom of movement and expanding the Navy's area of action, the IDF said.

"Navy fighters from the warship and submarine fleets returned this morning from a complex and continuous training exercise in the Red Sea," said Israel Navy commander Maj.-Gen. David Sa'ar Salame.

"[It was a] long-range drill that simulated a number of scenarios, including achieving naval superiority and freedom of movement in the Red Sea. The Navy will continue strengthening its operational capability and expand its area of action," Salame said.

Chariots of Fire simulated all-out war on many fronts and was aimed at strengthening the country's defenses and the resilience of its home front, as well as increasing the effectiveness of communication between various corps and commands.

The exercise involved nearly every branch of the IDF, including the ground forces, air force, navy, logistics, intelligence, technology and more.

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