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Jerusalem Post Publishes Op-Ed Calling for Coup Against Netanyahu

Oren Ziv / Associated Press
Oren Ziv / Associated Press

The Jerusalem Post, once a reliably right-of-center newspaper, published an op-ed on Monday calling for a coup against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — to “rise up against Netanyahu and force him from power.”

The op-ed, written by Alon Ben-Meir, comes a week after Netanyahu paused his controversial judicial reforms to allow more time for negotiations between the government and the opposition. But the opposition has not let up, and continues to hold demonstrations — even invading the offices of a think tank that proposed the reforms.

Ben-Meir accuses Netanyahu of attempting a “de facto coup d’état under the guise of judicial reforms.” (As Breitbart News has noted, most of the reforms parallel existing institutions within the American judiciary.)

The op-ed also praises President Joe Biden for pressuring Netanyahu by denying him a White House invitation.

Supporters of Netanyahu note that the protest movement is using undemocratic methods, such as blocking roads and refusing to perform military reserve service, not just to stop reforms but to oust the government.

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