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Jerusalem: Young Terrorist’s Textbook Teaches to ‘Die as a Martyr’

Muhammad Aliwat, 13, who attacked Jews in Jerusalem. twitter.com
Muhammad Aliwat, 13, who attacked Jews in Jerusalem. twitter.com

After two terror attacks carried out by young Palestinians against Jews in Jerusalem over the weekend, researchers find disturbing messages of incitement to violence against Israelis and Jews in textbooks used by the school frequented by one of the terrorists.

Muhammad Aliwat, 13, a resident of the predominantly Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan in east Jerusalem, opened fire on an Israeli father and son on Saturday, in the middle of the street, at the entrance to Jerusalem’s City of David, before being neutralized by an Israeli soldier.

Before leaving home to carry out his attack, Aliwat left a note in a class notebook, in which he expressed his desire to die in an attack on Jews. He also apologized to his mother, but said she was going to be proud of him. "God, or Victory or Martyrdom," the boy wrote in the note.

Researchers from the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-se) examined the textbooks used by the student's school and found disturbing elements: some books of mathematics and science used by the Al-Furqan School, located in the Shuafat neighborhood of east Jerusalem, which teaches a Palestinian Authority-approved curriculum, glorifies violence and calls on students to sacrifice themselves.

Students learn to read from an Arabic textbook that glorifies violent descriptions of suicide bombings in which Palestinians "cut the throats of enemy soldiers" and "don explosive belts." The graphic descriptions are accompanied by illustrations of Israeli soldiers shot dead by a Palestinian gunman.

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