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Marvel Caves to Israel Critics, Will Take a ‘New Approach’ to Jewish ‘Sabra’ Character in Captain America Movie

Marvel's Sabra (via Twitter)
Marvel’s Sabra (via Twitter)

Marvel Studios said it will take “a new approach” to its controversial character Sabra, to be played by Israeli actress Shira Haas, after Palestinian groups criticized the decision to bring the Israeli comic book character to the big screen.

“While our characters and stories are inspired by the comics, they are always freshly imagined for the screen and today’s audience, and the filmmakers are taking a new approach with the character Sabra who was first introduced in the comics over 40 years ago,” Marvel told US media outlet Variety in a statement Friday.

Palestinian rights activists charged last week that by including Sabra in the upcoming “Captain America” film, Marvel would be “glorifying the Israeli army and police.”

In a series of strongly worded tweets, the Institute for Middle East Understanding, a pro-Palestinian organization based in the US, said Marvel employed “a slew of racist, anti-Muslim stereotypes and dehumanizing depictions of Palestinians, all while glorifying Israeli military violence.”

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