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Netanyahu Gives U.S. Dire Warning: If Israel Doesn’t Win, ‘You’re Next’

“Every American, every civilized country will be under peril,” Netanyahu warned.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a dire warning to the United States that it may be "next" if the Israel Defense Forces does not win the battle against Hamas.

"If we don't win now, then Europe is next and you're next. And we have to win," he said Monday during an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity.

"Every American, every civilized country will be under peril. We have to win. There is no substitute for victory. Total victory," he also said.

He stressed that "our fight is your fight" and that Israel needs "to have the forces of civilization beat these barbarians because otherwise this barbarism will spread and will endanger the entire world."

Israel must also win for the good of the region and "for the sake of Gazans who've been held by this dark tyranny that has brutalized and brought them nothing but bloodshed and poverty and misery," Netanyahu also said, referring to how the Gaza Strip has been governed by Hamas, an internationally recognized terrorist organization, since 2007.

Israel has been at war against terrorists in Gaza since they invaded the country on Oct. 7, killing about 1,200 people, including more than 30 U.S. citizens, and kidnapping about 240 others. The Hamas-run Gazan Health Ministry, which does not distinguish between civilian and combatant deaths, claimed Monday that its death toll exceeded 11,100.

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