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Newest Palestinian Blood Libel Against Israel: Body Parts Being Stolen!

Democracy’s enemies tell stories ‘even when lies are rejected by the entire international community.’

The war by Hamas against Israel erupted into a full-blown conflagration on Oct. 7 when likely drugged-up Islamist terrorists invaded Israel and slaughtered 1,200-1,400 civilians using atrocities including the beheading of babies and burning whole families alive.

Since then, the propaganda campaigns on behalf of the terror have been running at full volume, including the claim that an Israeli rocket hit a Gaza hospital and killed 500, a story that's still being told even though the evidence shows it was a Hamas rocket that went astray and hit the hospital's parking lot.

Now the Palestinian Authority is resurrecting a claim it's made before against Israel.

The new claim from official PA television, on Monday, was this: "The occupation (i.e. Israel) stole organs from the corpses such as the cornea of the eye, the concha of the ear, liver, kidneys and heart."

The investigators at Palestinian Media Watch explained, "The Palestinian Authority disseminated its latest libel on official PA TV as part of its news summary of the Gaza war. This latest odious lie is that Israel is stealing organs from the dead Palestinian bodies in Gaza."

It came under the television heading, "The Israeli attack on Gaza."

Explained PMW, "The Palestinian Authority has been disseminating fake news and libels daily since the October 7 atrocities committed by Hamas. Even when its lies are rejected by the entire international community the PA continues to disseminate its libels.

"For example, the PA continues to disseminate the lie that it was Israel’s attack on a hospital in Gaza that murdered 500 Palestinians. In fact, the world has all recognized that it was in Islamic Jihad missile that killed 50 Palestinians in the parking lot.":

PMW noted the newest libel wasn't even new, as the PA has periodically made such claims "for years."

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