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Northern Israelis Shelter Over Suspected Aircraft from Lebanon Where Terrorists Have Drones, Gliders

A map of the affected cities shows dozens of areas are affected by an “enemy aircraft intrusion.”
Getty Images
Getty Images

Sirens went off in northern Israel over fears of an aerial infiltration after multiple aircraft flew into the country from Lebanon, where Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists are known to have drones and gliders, but reports were later dismissed.

A map of the affected cities shows showing dozens of areas are affected by an "enemy aircraft intrusion."

The Israel Defense Forces said reports of an infiltration from Lebanon were a false alarm, according to "The Times of Israel."

Upper Galilee Regional Council Chairman Giora Salz told Israel Channel 12 News that "manned paragliders have been observed entering from Lebanon. We ask all residents to lock themselves down."

Initial reports suggest that 15-20 aerial objects entered from Lebanon, according to Israel National News.

The objects may have been drones rather than paragliders, the latter of which Hamas terrorists used on Saturday to enter Israel and kill an estimated 1,200 people.

Continued shelling from militant groups north of Israel is sparking concerns that the country could be fighting a two-front war.

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