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Oman’s Parliament Seeks to Expand ‘Criminalization, Boycott’ of Israel

The consultative council, or Majlis Al-Shura, in Muskat, Oman. AFP
The consultative council, or Majlis Al-Shura, in Muskat, Oman. AFP

Rumors and speculation over Oman potentially warming ties with Israel have been shot down, as the Sultanate's Shura Council – equivalent to parliament – on Monday discussed broadening the scope of its boycott law against the Jewish state.

Council Vice-President Yaaqoub Al-Harethi said the amendment, proposed by several Council members, seeks to "expand the criminalization, boycott of this entity" and prohibit all contact with Israelis by any means, in person or virtual.

The move came amid efforts to secure Omani approval for Israeli commercial flights to fly over the Gulf Arab state’s airspace, as well as speculation that the Sultanate could potentially join the Abraham Accords with Israel, following in the footsteps of the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan.

The Accords were signed two years ago and have been trumpeted by Israel, as they ended the Jewish state’s virtual isolation in the region. Before the landmark normalization deal, only Egypt – in 1979 – and Jordan – in 1994 – signed peace treaties with Israel. But the peace with both countries is a “cold peace,” and it appears that public support for diplomatic relations with Israel is also waning among some of Jerusalem's newly founded partners.

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