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Soros Donating to Groups Demanding Destruction of Israel

Far-left billionaire notorious for funding destructive, radical causes.
George Soros (Video screenshot)
George Soros (Video screenshot)

George Soros widely is known today as a billionaire who spreads his money around the globe in support of liberal causes, socialism, abortion, transgenderism, and such.

He's known in the financial community as the "man who broke the Bank of England" for his billion-dollar profit in 1992 that resulted from his buy-and-sell scheme as the English pound was devalued.

His name later was linked to a financial crisis that swept across Asia, although he denied responsibility, and then he made huge amounts on the Internet. He was soon convicted of insider trading and fined, and launched Open Society Foundations, which focuses on liberal agendas.

Now the New York Post is reporting Soros has "funneled" more than $15 million in recent years to groups behind the pro-Palestinian protests that followed Hamas' terror attacks in Israel that killed some 1,400 and left another 200 or so kidnapped and in the hands of terrorists.

In those protests, terror supporters openly cheered the death and destruction left behind by Hamas, which now is being targeted by Israel's military in a response to the atrocities committed against civilians.

The New York Post said it examined Open Society Foundations records and they reveal Soros gave $13.7 million through Tides Center to nonprofits that have been open about justifying Hamas' bloody attacks.

The protesters, and protests, often have focused on support for those who demand the eradication of the Jewish state.

The report explained the beneficiaries of Soros' largest, through Tides, include Illinois-based Adalah Justice Project.

The Post reported that group, on the day of the massacre, posted online an image of a bulldozer tearing into Israel, and said, "Israeli colonizers believed they could indefinitely trap two million people in an open-air prison… no cage goes unchallenged."

The report added, "Members of the Palestinian advocacy group occupied California Rep. Ro Khanna’s office on Oct. 20 to demand he sign a resolution calling for ceasefire in Gaza. Adalah’s members also co-sponsored a rally that same day in Bryant Park where hostile demonstrators spewed antisemitic chants and waved a sign that read 'I DO NOT CONDEMN HAMAS.'"

Other donations of $30,000 went to Desis Rising Up and Moving and $60,000 to the Arab American Association of New York, which helped plan a hate-filled "Flood Brooklyn for Palestine" protest in Bay Ridge. There, protesters demanded the destruction of Israel.

The Post said, "Other Soros-backed, Palestinian advocacy groups whose members have been spewing hate at rallies since the massacre include Jewish Voice for Peace and If Not Now, which received $650,000 and $400,000, respectively"

Dan Schneider, of the Media Research Center, told the Post Soros — "a Hungarian-born Jew and a Holocaust survivor whose loyal lieutenants have scored unmatched access to President Biden’s White House — has a long history of standing against Israel and backing groups who champion terrorists."

"George Soros and his son Alex have a long history of supporting the most radical organizations across the planet, and that includes pro-Hamas organizations that support the most heinous kind of behavior," he said.

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