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White House Confirms At Least 11 Americans Killed in Hamas Attack on Israel

More than 1000 people in Israel have been killed so far.
Getty Images
Getty Images

The White House confirmed Monday that at least 11 American citizens have been killed since Hamas launched its terrorist attack Saturday on Israel.

"In this moment of heartbreak, the American people stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Israelis. We remember the pain of being attacked by terrorists at home, and Americans across the country stand united against these evil acts that have once more claimed innocent American lives," President Joe Biden said in an official White House statement. "It is an outrage."

More than 900 people in Israel have been killed so far, while Hamas, the terrorist group that controls the government of the Gaza Strip, claims to have more than 100 other people in captivity, according to Israel National News.

To put that number in perspective, given the size of Israel's population, it would be the "the equivalent of eight 9/11 attacks," Jerusalem Post editor-in-chief Avi Mayer wrote on X, formerly Twitter, after the death toll was confirmed to be 800.

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