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Defending Our Children: Angry Mom Tatiana Ibrahim on Fighting School Indoctrination

She describes herself as just a regular mother from Putnam County New York who got to the point where she had to speak up about her school district indoctrinating her child and others.

Tatiana Ibrahim walked into the Carmel Central School District board meeting Tuesday June 1 and gave the board a “piece of her mind.”

“They are abusing our children. They are teaching them all kinds of hatred and to kill cops and that’s not ok,” Ibrahim said.

Though the board made several attempts to silence her, Ibrahim took to the podium for over 11 minutes in what became a viral clip circulated all throughout social media this past week.

We had her on our podcast Thursday to talk more about her journey from angry mom to now initiating an online movement to help mobilize parents across the country who want to see an end to in-classroom indoctrination and the furthering of the Critical Race Theory curriculum.  

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