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Biden Fails to Mention Israel or Abraham Accords in Address to Congress, Focuses on White Supremacy in U.S.

President Biden omitted any mention of Israel or Middle Eastern peace in his address to Congress Wednesday, instead highlighting white supremacy as the “most lethal terrorist threat” to the U.S.

“We’ve all seen the knee of injustice on the neck of black Americans. Now’s our opportunity to make some real progress,” said Biden.

Biden declared that the U.S. must “remain vigilant to the threats to the U.S. wherever they come from,” naming white supremacy as a terrorist form that his administration is “not going to ignore.”

Sen. Tim Scott responded to the Congressional address, countering Biden’s attempt to paint the U.S. as an intrinsically racist nation.

“Hear me clearly, America is not a racist country. It’s backwards to fight discrimination with different types of discrimination, and it’s wrong to use our painful past to dishonestly shut down debates in the present,” said Scott.

While Biden’s focus on continuing to exacerbate the racial divide in the U.S. is causing disquiet among conservatives, his failure to mention the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or the Abraham Accords is of equal, and possibly greater, concern.

As talks to revive the nuclear deal with Iran continue in Vienna, now would be a crucial time to exhibit support for Israel.

Revealingly, Biden cited Al-Qaeda and ISIS as threats to “Yemen, Syria, Somalia, other places in Africa, the Middle East, and beyond” but failed to mention Hamas or Hezbollah, two major terrorist groups that pose a constant existential threat to Israel and are also heavily funded by the Iranian regime.

Biden also left out any recognition of the historic Abraham Accords, which have established peaceful relations between Israel and several Arab countries, signaling the potential for more widespread peace throughout the Middle East.

“President Biden’s Joint Address to Congress continued his empty inaugural promise of bipartisanship. The truth is, in his first 100 days, President Biden has outreached more to China and Iran than Republicans, and he has alienated half of the country by governing as the most Far-Left President in American history,” said Rep. Elise Stefanik.

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