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Gorka: The Left is Using “Dictatorial Tactics” to Destroy Conservatism

Former Deputy Assistant to President Trump Dr. Sebastian Gorka says Capitol Hill is currently putting Trump through a “show trial” and utilizing “dictatorial tactics” to take away the Constitutional rights of conservative Americans.

“A couple things are happening that are very disturbing. So, number one, this is clearly an attempt to bar Donald Trump from running for office again, which is shocking. They want to make it impossible for the American people to choose Donald Trump as their president again, which they have every right to do. In the U.S. Constitution, you can serve two terms, so they’re using dictatorial tactics to stop the will of the American people should Donald Trump run again in 2024,” Gorka said on The Foreign Desk with Lisa Daftari podcast Thursday.

Gorka discussed how Democrats are pursuing the “criminalization of conservatism,” by labeling MAGA supporters, and ultimately those who do not readily accept the left’s agenda, as terrorists.

“When you have Jake Tapper, who is a former congressional staffer on CNN use the phrase ‘MAGA terrorism,’ when you have Lloyd Austin, a former four-star general who is now the Secretary of Defense, in his confirmation hearing in front of the Senate call members of the armed forces “enemies” because he disagrees with their politics, when you have the Department of Homeland Security issue its first terrorism alert of memorandum after Joe Biden is sworn in that speaks of the Americans who question the results of the last election and who are therefore a domestic threat, that is very dangerous.”

Gorka believes the impeachment trial “farse” is going to make Donald Trump “more powerful than he’s ever been” and will hopefully result in giving people “the courage to speak the truth” despite the risk of censorship and being targeted by cancel culture.

As an encouragement to Trump voters, Gorka points out that while the mainstream media and social media platforms would have conservatives believe they are alone in their thinking, or are ate least in the vast minority, there are 74 million people who voted the same way.

Gorka emphasizes that “this is the greatest support any incumbent president has received.”

If you refuse to speak up as conservative freedoms are slowly stripped away “you are the person who is making the slow bending of the spine of America possible,” Gorka says, challenging Trump supporters to be vocal.

“If you think America is still the greatest country on God’s earth, stand up for it, and tell the truth.”

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