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“No to the Islamic Republic”: Opposition Inside, Outside Iran Rally Together to Oust Regime

“No to the Islamic Republic,” a campaign launched by dissidents inside Iran, is rapidly gaining support amongst individuals and groups opposed to the regime, bringing Iranians from various backgrounds all around the world together to push for freedom and a better future.

“Fellow Iranian! The cry of “No to the Islamic Republic” has resonated in every corner of Iran,” reads the campaign’s statement, “This is the call of a people determined to remove the Islamic Republic, this primary obstacle to freedom, prosperity, democracy, progress, and human rights.”

A statement of support for the campaign has already been signed by over 600 influential Iranians, including artists, politicians, military personnel, journalists, poets, and writers, all coming from a variety of political and social backgrounds, which gained widespread momentum following Iran’s Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi’s support for the movement on social media.

The movement aims to provide a cohesive platform to amplify the voices of Iranians who dream of a prosperous and free Iran, removed from the current oppression and human rights violations inflicted by the regime.

“The emergence of the “No to the Islamic Republic” campaign, in conjunction with other political and civil movements, promises greater coherence and convergence of the Iranian people’ struggle for freedom and justice and for liberation from the Islamic Republic,” continues the campaign’s statement.

“The idea is simple, human, from time immemorial,” wrote Twitter user Mariam Memarsadeghi, “Anyone can understand it if their heart is open. A refusal of evil. ‘No!’ No to brutal oppression, lies, corruption, devastation, hatred backwardness, indignity.”

In a final rallying cry to the Iranian people, the campaign calls for unity and solidarity as freedom-fighters confront the darkness posed by the regime.

“Patriotic Iranians whose hearts and minds are overflowing with the hope of freedom and prosperity for Iran: Together let us make “No to the Islamic Republic” the focal point of national solidarity to form a large and inclusive movement to forever rid Iran of the poverty and misery of this dark regime, the Islamic Republic.”

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