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Shaffer: Terrorist Regimes Like ISIS Likely to Reemerge During Biden Presidency

President of the London Center for Policy Research and Retired U.S. Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer anticipates a resurgence of terrorist regimes like ISIS and increased conflicts in the Middle East during the Biden presidency and believes China and Russia will also be emboldened to expand their global influence.

“I think there are three regions that [are] going to give President Biden problems, and three threats within those regions that we’re going to have to deal with,” said Shaffer on The Foreign Desk with Lisa Daftari Thursday.

Shaffer expressed concern that conflicts in the Middle East will be exacerbated during the Biden presidency and that ISIS and other terrorist regimes, which were quelled under Trump’s foreign policy, will regain momentum.

If Biden continues sending troops into Syria and decides to rejoin the Iran deal, Shaffer expects to see new conflicts and destabilization arise in the region.

“I think there’s a good chance we’re going to see new conflicts based on the fact that Biden seems unable to resist the idea of sending troops into Syria. I think if we send troops into Syria, we’re going to see a larger conflict ensue in the region, and I just don’t see that area maintaining stability, especially if they reopen their relationship with the Iranians,” said Shaffer.

Shaffer points out that the use of “diplomacy as a tool” was a critical component of the Trump administration’s success in the Middle East despite the mainstream media’s attempt to create the narrative that diplomacy was “abandoned.”

“The mainstream media has been completely dishonest and deceptive about what’s been going on,” said Shaffer.

China poses another, and potentially more serious, threat to the U.S. with its goal being “dominance of the globe” fueled by nationalistic ideology that is becoming “much more militant.”

“China has essentially already moved forward with trying to re-insinuate its momentum to creating its Pacific Rim dominance and then ultimately, global.”

Shaffer also expects Russia and Ukraine to “[face] off because of Biden’s feckless policies.”

“If I were in Ukrainian leadership right now, I’d be very worried,” said Shaffer.

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