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Twitter Erupts in Support Over Interview with Fmr. Iran Prince Reza Pahlavi

Twitter users are responding en masse to an exclusive interview by Israel Hayom with former Iranian Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi Sunday, who expressed his belief that reentering the JCPOA would falsely rely on the “behavioral change” of the regime, which he believes will soon fall apart.

There is a “misconception” that the Iranian regime will change its behavior, which mistakenly makes the JCPOA look like a viable path to peace; however, “the Iranians know that the regime is not led by its national interests, but by its corrupt and criminal interests,” said Pahlavi to Israel Hayom.

Pahlavi is the oldest son of Mohammed Reza Phalavi, Iran’s last Shah prior to the 1979 Iranian Revolution, and openly criticizes Iran’s current regime.

Pahlavi highlighted the damage done by the JCPOA when it was implemented in 2015, explaining how it “helped support extremist Palestinians at the expense of the moderates and damaged Israel’s security. In countries like Iraq and Lebanon, where civilians fear militias like Hezbollah, the financial damage has led to demonstrations against the effects of the Islamic Republic.”

Under the Trump administration, Pahlavi saw an enormous difference in the strength of the regime and has “no doubt” the regime will soon crumble.

“In the last three years there has been such a drastic change that only a few still believe that the younger generation will agree to endure the oppressive regime,” Pahlavi said.

Following the interview’s publication, Twitter users quickly began to chime in with reactions to Pahlavi’s assessments.

“Sounds like an endorsement of the #CyrusAccords: ‘I have no doubt that the children of Cyrus the Great always have a special place in their hearts for the people of Israel,’” tweeted former senior advisor to the U.S. Special Representative for Iran and one of the originators of the Cyrus Accords initiative, Len Khodorkovsky, quoting a statement from Pahlavi’s interview.

“Let’s all stand with Cyrus the Great’s legacy!” tweeted one user, @ZWfz58f0w.

#KingdomWithPahlavi became a popular hashtag with many Twitter users expressing widespread support for Pahlavi’s return to Iran and calling for the Iranian regime to go.

“Greetings to the King of Iran, Prince Reza Pahlavi. You are the voice of the suffering people of Iran,” wrote @uzalazade.


Many Iranians expressed their belief that Pahlavi is the rightful Shah of Iran with @Mehrnoo55121501 citing that “the late Shah NEVER resigned, Iran’s #Constitution1906 was NEVER set aside,” and “@PahlaviReza lawfully took oath in front of the world as the SHAH of IRAN.”

“We Iranians trust Prince Reza Pahlavi. He is the lawyer of the Iranian nation. With his help, we will bring Iran back to glory. #KingdomWithPahlavi,” tweeted @Asabani_am.

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