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5 Social Issues That Will Matter in the 2024 Presidential Election


1. Abortion

Following the overturning of the United States Supreme Court case Roe versus Wade last summer, pro-life and pro-choice political organizations have been rallying support for their positions, vowing to support progressive or conservative candidates who will enact pro-life or pro-choice laws. In the U.S. today, the issue of abortion continues to remain a dividing issue among Americans, with many supporting pro-life or pro-choice causes that align with their values. As the Biden administration continues to use the federal government to enact pro-abortion policies, Republican and conservative voters are rallying state and local officials to support pro-life laws while preparing for the 2024 Republican primary, hoping to elect a pro-life Republican candidate to nominate judges and appoint pro-life federal officials.

2. Gun Rights

With the Supreme Court taking up hearings on gun rights cases in blue states, Republican and Democrat voters have vowed to support state, local, and federal candidates to enact pro-gun rights legislation or anti-policies. In states like Texas and Florida, voters have overwhelmingly approved new gun rights legislation, allowing them to conceal carry without a permit. In the past few months, Democrat states like California and New York have enacted policies banning many types of guns and the right to self-defense. With Republican voters gearing up to elect their Presidential candidate in 2024, many are looking for a candidate who will stand up for law-abiding gun owners and appoint judges who will adhere to the constitutional right for individuals to own a gun. Many gun rights and anti-gun rights organizations are vowing to spend millions of dollars and rally voters throughout all 50 states to support Presidential candidates aligned with their stance on this issue.

3. Wokeism

With the 2024 Presidential election cycle beginning, many Americans are seeking a Presidential candidate who opposes the progressive, left wing ideology known as Wokeism, which is the idea that the U.S. is fundamentally a racist nation and that Western civilization is, at its core, a terrible thing. In public universities and k-12 public schools, parents are concerned with curriculum and indoctrination. With workerism spreading in business, news, entertainment, education, and almost every aspect of American life, many Republicans are hoping for a presidential candidate who will stand against such ideas and support legislative policies to combat them. On the flip side, many progressive, left wing voters are vowing to support state, local, and federal officials who support their woke ideas and continue the campaign of diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of American life. While states like Florida, Texas, and Tennessee have passed laws against the tenets and ideas of wokeism in the public education system and economy, Democrat governors and officials continue to run on pro-woke policies, hoping to get re-elected in 2024.

4. LGTBQ/Sex Ed/Transgender Issues

With the sudden increase of various presentations of sexual education in K-12 education, many voters are looking for a presidential candidate who will stand against efforts to indoctrinate young children. Throughout the U.S., many families have taken their kids out of public schools because of the sex agenda pushed by teachers and professors, opting instead for homeschooling or private religious schools. On the Republican side, voters want a presidential candidate who will support federal legislation banning drag queens in taxpayer-funded institutions like public schools and children at drag-queen events. On the left wing progressive side, voters are vowing to support state and local officials to continue to support LGTBQ laws and measures in sexual, transexual education and the public sphere. With the Biden administration condemning red states for their laws against children in drag queen performances and sexual indoctrination, Republican candidates have vowed to support education reform that allows parents to have a say in what their children learn in school.

5. Freedom of Speech and Censorship

Since 2016, many Americans have faced censorship on social media and in public places such as school and places of work. Under the Biden administration, the President and his White House officials have supported efforts by social media companies to crack down on what they describe as "hate speech" and "misinformation." With more information coming regarding how social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram ban content that is not pro-left-wing, Republican voters are looking for a candidate who will stand up against the big social media platforms and enact regulations that allow for more speech. Republican voters are also looking at Presidential Candidates who will vow to support freedom of speech on college campuses and appoint officials at the Department of Education to investigate efforts by college and university faculty trying to crack down on conservative speakers.

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