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5 Things Republican Voters Want in a 2024 Presidential Candidate


1. Fighting Wokeism

For several decades, Republican voters have sounded the alarm about the activities of far-left-leaning political activists on college campuses, government institutions, and popular culture, inflicting a "woke" centered view of America as an evil racist country with a terrible history dating back to the country's very foundation. While Republican state Governors in Florida, Tennessee, and Texas continue to pass policies to curb Wokeism in their states, Republican voters want a presidential candidate who, on a national level, will fight this left-leaning ideology that has infected all aspects of American life. The policies and campaign promises that voters want from Republicans running for President in 2024 include preventing woke ideas from impacting K-12 education, combating the sexualization of young children, punishing businesses for allying with left-leaning corporate practices, and firing employees who refuse "woke capital." While many of these policies require a fully controlled Republican Congress to pass legislation, voters hope that candidates promise to do whatever is in their constitutional power to fight woke ideology and prevent radical progressive organizations and politicians from changing America.

2. Education

Following the COVID-19 pandemic and school shutdowns, the Biden administration's relationship with the teacher's unions and woke curriculum in public schools, Republican voters are looking for a candidate who will allow more school options and not cater to progressive teachers’ unions or woke curriculum. With Republican states passing more school choice options, voters hope that a potential Republican president would allow for more freedom for teachers and parents to decide what is best for their children. With woke curriculum currently being in K-12 education, Republican voters want a candidate who mirrors the actions of Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis and bans funding to states that support such progressive left-leaning education plans.

3. Confronting China

As the Biden administration has been slow to counter China's growing military and economic presence, Republican voters are seeking a candidate who will not only do both but also prevent China's growing influence inside the United States like strengthening America's military capabilities against China's, standing with Taiwan, cutting off reliance on China for consumer products, working with Congress to ban TikTok in America, and preventing the Chinese Communist Party from influencing American culture whether it’s in movies, businesses, or social media. Republican voters hope that a candidate will vow to undo the months of economic downturn and strengthen the American economy against China's. Following the war in Ukraine and China's support for Russia and other anti-American regimes like the Islamic Republic of Iran, many hope a Republican candidate will confront China's activities by sanctioning the C.C.P. and organizations affiliated with them. In the education sphere, Republican voters are also concerned about China's influence in colleges and universities donating to them and using programs to influence the behavior of students studying abroad.

4. Strengthening the Economy

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, economic shutdown and the Biden administration's economic policies, Republican voters are looking for candidates who will vow not to shut down the U.S. economy or pass billions of dollars in spending for programs that cater to left-leaning causes that increase the national debt. Following the passage of the Inflation Reduction act passed last year, ordinary Americans have had to face increased gas prices, groceries, food, electronics, and many other items, leading to signs of a possible economic recession. Additionally, with the administration's anti-oil stance, Republican voters want the next Republican president to open up domestic drilling in the U.S., alleviating Americans of the high gas prices, strengthening the American economy, and making the U.S. an oil exporter for its allies. Voters also hope that a Republican president finally tackles the national debt after so many years of disregard, cutting unnecessary spending and reforming entitlement and welfare programs that many politicians are afraid to touch.

5. Curbing Illegal Immigration

Ever since the Biden administration came into office, the U.S. has faced massive influxes of illegal migrants crossing from Mexico to America, overwhelming Republican-controlled border states and allowing drug cartels to spread dangerous drugs into the hands of young children. Despite states like Texas, Arizona, and others stepping in to deter illegal immigration, Republican voters want someone who will secure the U.S. southern border with Mexico and deport illegals who have overstayed their visas and committed crimes. Additionally, Republicans hope that a 2024 candidate will secure the border by building a powerful border wall, re-introducing Trump administration policies that helped tighten the border, and aiding Border Patrol and Immigrations Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.) in doing their jobs. Republican voters are also looking for candidates who will not grant any amnesty to illegal migrants and instead reform the system for immigrants coming to America. With illicit drugs like fentanyl reaching the hands of young Americans from drug cartels in Mexico, voters want a candidate that will crack down on the cartels and pressure Mexico to crack down on these groups.

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