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Disturbing Video Shows Iran’s Police Brutally Beating Anti-Regime Protester


A shocking video emerged on social media that shows heavily armed Iranian police officers swarming over a defenseless anti-regime demonstrator who beat him with batons and eventually shoot the protester. Sources tell Fox News Digital the man is alive. 

A police officer on a motorcycle then runs over the defenseless man in what might be the southern Tehran neighborhood of Naziabad.

The Iran Twitter account of the human rights NGO Amnesty International condemned the brutality and called on the UN to act. It tweeted: "This shocking video sent from Tehran today is another horrific reminder that the cruelty of Iran’s security forces knows no bounds. Amid a crisis of impunity, they’re given free rein to brutally beat & shoot protestors. @UN_HRC must urgently investigate these crimes."

The UNHRC is an abbreviation for the Geneva-based United Nations Human Rights Council. A UNHRC spokesman told Fox News Digital that Iran has been on the council's agenda for over a decade and that it had appointed a special rapporteur in 2011 to look at the human rights situation there. "States and NGOs have also been addressing the situation in Iran at the Human Rights Council, including at its most recent session in September/October, where a number of them condemned the crackdown on protesters and the tragic death of Mahsa Amini in September."

Lisa Daftari, the editor-in-chief of The Foreign Desk told Fox News Digital, "When you see the brutality of this attack on a defenseless protester, you can understand why this movement has hit its tipping point. The Iranian people are charged with 43 years of this persecution, which has come to some of its ugliest and most brutal and violent moments in the past seven weeks."

She added, "It’s also important to remember that these are just some of the moments that are caught on phone cameras and posted to social media or sent to journalists like myself. Just think about all the crimes going on where there are no cameras."

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