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Iran Morality Police Say 22-Year-Old Suffered Heart Attack; New Medical Scans Reveal Serious Brain Injuries

Newspapers with Amini, a victim of country's "morality police", are seen in Tehran © Reuters/WANA NEWS AGENCY
Newspapers with Amini, a victim of country’s “morality police”, are seen in Tehran © Reuters/WANA NEWS AGENCY

In Iran, new information from a Skull CT scan of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, the Iranian woman who died over the weekend in Islamic police custody, shows a bone fracture, hemorrhage, and brain edema, according to media reports. This latest development comes as Iranians are protesting on the streets throughout the country against the Islamic Republic of Iran and its actions against Amini, calling for the downfall of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

According to medical documents and X-Ray scans, images show Amini’s skull fractured on the right side of her head caused by severe trauma to her skull, corroborating earlier accounts by her family and doctors about Amini being hit several times on the head. Experts also note that this proves the Iran police’s claim that the 22-year-old suffered a heart attack was untrue.

Another set of images showed her chest to have bilateral diffuse alveolar hemorrhage and damage due to aspiration pneumonia, secretion retention, and superimposed infection. Medical experts say the results are compatible with acute respiratory distress syndrome due to brain trauma. An official from the hospital where Amini died Saturday said that her brain tissue was crushed after “multiple blows” to the head, adding that Amini was taken to Kasra Hospital in Tehran while not being responsive and brain dead.

According to reports, Amini’s death occurred by Iran’s Islamic morality police because she was wearing her hijab “improperly,” with hair visible. The news of her death prompted outrage and anger from all over Iran, leading many Iranian women to record themselves taking off their hijabs and letting their hair out in solidarity with Amini. On social media, the hashtag #MahsaAmini was trending on Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, and other social media websites, with Iranians recording their marches and chants against the Islamic regime.

The Foreign Desk posted videos of the protests in Iran on social media. 

In response to the growing protests, the Islamic government deployed its security forces throughout Iran, shooting tear gas at peaceful demonstrators, beating up men and women on the streets, and arresting individuals based on the charge of “foreign conspirators.” Officials from the Islamic morality police have denied their role in the death of Amini, arguing that the young Iranian woman died of “natural causes.”

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi is set to speak at the United Nations this week, with many speculating that he will talk about his regime’s nuclear program and call for the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel. Raisi’s trip to New York has received enormous outrage from Iranian Americans, Jewish Americans, human rights activists, Congressional representatives, and many others. Members of Congress in the House and Senate have called on President Biden to prevent Raisi from traveling to the U.N., demanding that the administration sanction the Islamic government and cease negotiations with Iranian officials over the country’s nuclear program.

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