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Iran Protests Over Bread Prices, Lack of Basic Goods


Over the weekend, ordinary civilians young and old took to the streets across Iran to protest the skyrocketing prices of essential goods like bread.  

Iranian ranchers in cities such as Qazvin, Qom, Shiraz, Mashhad, Shahrud, Kerman, Isfahan, Yaz, and others staged a peaceful demonstration outside the government’s provincial agriculture department. Many ranchers protested the excessive cost of livestock food and farming goods where Islamic officials have completely disregarded such concerns. According to reports, many of these protesters carried signs against Iranian parliament speaker, Qalibaf Raisi. 

In places like Khuzestan, Ahvas, Izeh, Baghmalek, and Susangerd, many held sporadic protest rallies chanting death to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, President Ebrahim Raisi, and calling the Islamic Republic illegitimate. Some protesters in places like Izeh seized a warehouse belonging to the Iranian government where goods and necessities like flour were being hoarded to feed the members of the Iranian government. 

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) responded to the protesters using armed security forces to brutally beat and shoot young and old Iranians into submission. On social media, many protesters showed videos and photos of Revolutionary Guard Protesters arresting and brutally beating individuals for voicing their opinion. For many government officials in the Islamic government, the protesters are seen as what they call “Western and Zionist spies” who are stirring up trouble. 

Even with all the brutal suppression by the regime and its oppressive security forces, Iran protestors have never relented in voicing their opposition and protesting the regime on the streets and online on various social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. Many protesters today simply want to see the Islamic Regime address rising food prices, droughts, lack of medicine, and many other issues, instead of constantly using economic funds to support terrorist proxies like Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon. 

With sanctions placed on Iran by the international community, the Islamic Republic has used whatever funds from its economy and people to support the friends and families of Iranian officials and terrorism throughout the Middle East. Many Iranians have begun to protest the unfair prices as they watch billions of dollars poured into the regime’s regional proxies and political endeavors.  

While the international community and the U.S. has issued verbal condemnations against Iran’s regime for using its economy to support terrorism and quash peaceful protesters, the Islamic Republic has ignored such outcry and relies solely on its security forces to quell protesters and continue to spread its Islamic Revolution. 

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