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Islamic Republic ‘Mapping’ Locations of Jewish Diaspora to Attack if Israel Strikes

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast

New information revealed that the Islamic Republic of Iran has been "mapping" the locations of the Jewish diaspora as part of laying the groundwork for a political assassination campaign if the state of Israel decides to strike the country's underground nuclear facilities, according to Catherine Perez-Shakdam who has gained access to high-level members of the regime.

Shakdam, who has had access to both Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the country's radical Islamic President Ebrahim Raisi, told The Jewish Chronicle that she first heard in a meeting in Tehran that hit squads could deploy if Jerusalem ever attacked Iran.

Shakdam explained that she gained access to the high-profile meeting through the late Iranian filmmaker with ties to the regime, Nader Talebzadeh.

Several years ago, the United States Treasury sanctioned Talebzadeh for his connection to the New Horizon, which organized international conferences that supported the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

At a private event organized by the Iranian filmmaker, Shakdam was told of the plan to "identify all the prominent NGOs, run by Jews, who was doing what in each business sector, the important rabbis."

"They wanted to figure out their influence and where they lived with their families to target them," Shakdam said to the Jewish Chronicle.

Shakdam, an Iranian analyst who has contributed to pro-Islamic Republic websites and the Russian state-supported TV Channel RT, explained that participants were unaware she was Jewish.

Last November, British intelligence Director General Ken McCallum said in his annual threat update that the regime in Tehran had plans to "kidnap or even kill British or UK-based individuals perceived as enemies of the regime" and that the intelligence service had worked to "disrupt" several threats since January of last year.

Speaking to the Foreign Desk on this issue, Anti-Defamation League (ADL) CEO and National Director Jonathan Greenblatt said that while the reports could not be verified, " it would not be surprising if the Iranian regime, the number 1 state sponsor of terrorism and antisemitism, is seeking to target Jewish, Israeli, American and other targets around the world."

"Iran has a long and bloody history of targeting individuals and communities abroad - Jewish communities, dissidents, and more. It is vital that the international community remain vigilant about the regime's nefarious behavior and work to ensure strong protections for all those being targeted," said Greenblatt.

Following the creation of the Islamic Republic under the Ayatollahs of Iran, the regime has vowed to wipe out the state of Israel and Jews throughout the world through their terrorist proxies. Under Iran's first Islamic Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khomeini to Ali Khamenei, the regime continues its support of groups like Hezbollah, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Houthis, and other groups bent on destroying Israel through rockets, mortars, stabbings, and other violent means.

Despite facing violent terrorist attacks from Iran and its proxies, Israel continues to engage in its covert campaign to thwart Tehran's nuclear facilities, upgrading its military capabilities and prepping its air force for a possible strike in the near future.

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