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Israel Launches Retaliatory Strikes on Islamic Republic, Iraq, Syria

The attack happened on the birthday of the Islamic Republic’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei

Israel attacked a suspected Islamic Republic air base east of the Iranian city of Isfahan, a U.S. official told ABC News Thursday night. The incident was likely in retaliation for Tehran’s massive missile bombardment against the Jewish state last week.

The state-owned Fars News Agency reported that explosions were heard near the Isfahan International Airport in the city of Qahjavarestan, but the cause of the detonations was unknown.

There are local reports that air defense batteries were operated in several of Iran’s provinces.

The area is the home of the Natanz nuclear site, a facility that serves as a location for nuclear fuel enrichment. The plant is reported to have three underground processing areas that are protected by reinforced concrete.

Another regime-controlled media service, the Mehr News Agency, reported that flights to Isfahan, Shiraz and Tehran were suspended on Friday morning.

In Iraq, where many Iran regime-backed militias are located, residents in Baghdad, Erbil, and Mosul reported hearing jet engines and explosions.

In addition to the suspected incursions in Iraq and Iran, As-Suwayda24 is reporting that airstrikes targeted Syrian radar installations in the southern part of the country.

The Israeli military authorities have not released any information regarding the circumstances.

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