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Israel Uncovers Complex Hamas Terror Operation in Europe


Over the weekend, the Israel intelligence agency Mossad and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) revealed "considerable" information that demonstrated Hamas was acting to "expand its violent activity abroad in order to attack innocents around the world,” including targets in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

Officials said that intelligence services uncovered "a comprehensive and in-depth picture of Hamas’s terrorist activities including details of areas of action, targets for attacks and those involved in implementing the activity—from Hamas commanders in Lebanon to the last attackers in the operational infrastructure, as well as information on the intention to attack the Israeli Embassy in Sweden, the acquisition of UAVs and the use of elements from criminal organizations in Europe."

According to officials, Hamas’s "inspiration" from such attacks was based on the terrorist activities of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which seeks to kill Israelis, Jews, and Westerners by any means necessary.

"The Mossad, the ISA, and the IDF, in conjunction with the international security and enforcement bodies, will continue their efforts to thwart the terrorist intentions of Hamas and all terrorist organizations and to settle accounts with them everywhere in the world, on behalf of the security of the State of Israel and the Jewish people," the statement read.

Last Friday, Danish police said that several people suspected of involvement in a terrorist attack were discovered by authorities in December and had connections to Hamas. Police officials said that they arrested three people in Denmark suspected of engaging in a "terror" attack but did not provide further details.

Danish Justice Minister Peter Hummelgaard stated that the connection to Hamas "confirms that the threat against Denmark is serious, but luckily, we have a strong police and intelligence service doing their best to protect us every day."

Following the Oct. 7 massacre by Hamas against Israel, the Israeli government updated travel warnings for several countries amid growing antisemitism and threats of violence against Israelis and Jews worldwide.

In the United States, following the Oct. 7 massacre, Jewish students on college campuses and elsewhere have faced rising antisemitic attacks and hate crimes.

With the war on its 100th day, the Islamic Republic of Iran and its terrorist proxies in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and elsewhere assist Hamas in their attacks against Israel.

In the Red Sea, the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels continue to attack US naval and shipping vessels despite military strikes from coalition forces last week.

In Lebanon, Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah has voiced support for Hamas attacks, ordering rocket attacks against various parts of Northern Israel and sending Hezbollah fighters to open a second front against the Jewish state.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant have publicly stated that should Hezbollah or the Houthis come to Hamas's aid, the Jewish state will not hesitate to use military force to wipe out such threats.

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