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Jim Bognet: ‘The Theocrats in Iran Do Not Represent the Soul of the Iranian People’

Bognet for Congress
Bognet for Congress

“The United States needs to send a loud, clear, and unambiguous signal to the theocracy in Iran for their brutal actions against Iranian protesters,” Republican Congressional candidate for Pennsylvania's eighth congressional district Jim Bognet said.

Bognet continued that the repression of women and the attacks against ordinary Iranians who are exercising their human rights shows the corruption and illegitimacy of the Islamic regime. The comments from the congressional candidate came at a virtual candidate meet and greet hosted by Iranian Americans for the Constitution, moderated by Iranian American journalist Lisa Daftari.

"Iran has an amazing civilization that goes back 10,000 years, and so many of our great inventions came out of the Iranian people. The theocrats in Iran do not represent the soul of the Iranian people," said Bognet. 

Bognet also called for the U.S. to support protesters in Iran as they seek to rule for themselves freely and not under the Islamic regime.

Bognet called on the Biden administration to stand up against Iran but explained that the President "only cares about a nuclear deal." The Republican candidate stated that any nuclear deal with Iran is not worth anything, describing it as a form of appeasement.

"We've seen the mullahs sending weapons and drones to Russia to help against Ukraine. Why are we at the negotiating table with the Russians and the Iranian dictators?"

"I look forward to supporting freedom and democracy in Iran when I am in Congress," said Bognet.

Bognet praised the growing resentment against the Islamic government since 1979, praising young Iranians like Elnaz Rekabi, a female Iranian climber who refused to wear the hijab.

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