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Obama Admin Blocked FBI from Arresting Tehran’s Nuclear Agents in the U.S.: Report

Former Secretary of State John Kerry and former Islamic Republic Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in Geneva. AP
Former Secretary of State John Kerry and former Islamic Republic Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in Geneva. AP

The Obama administration allegedly interfered in the efforts of the FBI to arrest suspected Islamic Republic nuclear research fundraisers, according to a report by Fox News.

The news channel reported that the information came to light after Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson received whistleblower-provided documents on the matter.

“The records provided to our offices show that the Obama/Biden administration’s State Department, under the leadership of John Kerry, actively and persistently interfered with FBI operations pertaining to lawful arrests of known terrorists, members of Iranian proliferation networks, and other criminals providing material support for Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs,” the two lawmakers wrote in letters to the FBI, Justice Department, and State Department informing them of their findings.

"These warnings about the failure to arrest known Iranians subject to arrest warrants occurred as early as 2015 and was allegedly done due to political reasons," the letter continued.

In a 2016 message to the FBI Los Angeles field office titled “HQ Support,” the sender confirms that the State Department "has been blocking FBI actions where State has had a role for approval or concurrence," while expressing concern that "DOJ was surprised by this a bit because extraditions are ministerial functions and not something State would/should block."

One email from 2017 noted that in at least eight instances the State Department blocked criminal enforcement on the regime’s agents, including the leader of the operation and another who was on the U.S. Terrorism Watch List.

The Senators concluded that then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch and then-FBI Director James Comey "failed to take the necessary steps to stop Kerry’s obstructive efforts against law enforcement," and the "DOJ and FBI leadership apparently allowed it to happen until the Trump administration altered its course."

The disclosure describes a time period when the United States was involved in developing the 2015 Joint Plan of Action, known also as the Iran Nuclear Deal, for the purpose of regulating Tehran’s fissile materials. The policy was initiated in response to efforts by the terror-supporting government to enrich uranium to a weapons-grade level, above what is needed for the purpose of power generation.

Throughout this effort, President Obama publicly supported sanctions on the regime to force compliance with the accord.

All three federal agencies involved in the article declined comment to Fox News.

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