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Taiwan Defense Ministry Warns of China’s Increased Military Strength

China's Shangdong aircraft carrier. Chinese Navy
China’s Shangdong aircraft carrier. Chinese Navy

On Tuesday, Taiwan's Defense Ministry said China is continuing to bolster its military bases along the coastline facing Taiwan.

Taiwan's Defense Ministry said it spotted 22 Chinese warplanes and 20 warships near the island over the previous 24 hours, which was part of military harassment by Beijing.

"This year, the Chinese Communist Party has aggressively expanded its armaments and continued to build various types of fighter jets and drones," Maj. Gen. Huang Wen-Chi, the assistant deputy chief with the General Staff for Intelligence of Taiwan's Defense Ministry, said during a news conference.

Wen-Chi said the information Taiwan received revolves around military bases along the coast. The Taiwanese assistant deputy chief noted the different military airfields in China's southeastern Fujian province, Longtian, Huian, and Zhangzhou, have recently been expanded.

According to reports, the closest one to Taiwan, Longtian, is only 217 kilometers from Taipei.

Over the past year, Beijing has increased military activities around Taiwan, sending warships and warplanes daily. The latest deployment of Chinese warplanes and warships came after the United States and Canada sailed warships through the Taiwan Strait, challenging Beijing's territorial claims.

On Monday, China sailed its naval formation led by the aircraft carrier Shandong about 70 miles southeast of Taiwan. The naval vessel was expected to conduct drills simulating aircraft, submarines, warships, and land attacks.

The latest deployment was the second time China has deployed the Shandong to the western Pacific. The naval carrier engaged in military drills around Taiwan in April, following Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen's meeting with US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy in California.

"The period from July to September this year was the peak period for the Chinese Communist Party's exercises," Huang said. According to Taiwan's Defense Ministry, 13 of the Chinese military aircraft crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait, an unofficial demarcation zone between China and Taiwan.

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