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Amman Quickly Rejects Proposal for Hamas to Move to Jordan


Amid tensions between Hamas and their host country of Qatar, officials in Amman quickly rejected any suggestion that the terrorist organization could settle in Jordan if they were forced to leave the Persian Gulf nation.

On Monday, a Hamas fundraiser, Mousa Abu Marzouk, told the Islamic Republic’s state-controlled Arabic broadcaster that “any potential relocation, which is not currently happening, would be to Jordan.”

The Jordanians, who expelled Hamas in 1999, issued a statement affirming that any Palestinians who wish to emigrate must first sever all ties with the terror group.

“Jordan has closed the book on Palestinian cells, and we do not intend to reopen it,” Ziad Majali, a senior diplomat, said of the matter.

According to Israel’s Ynet news site, Jordan’s intelligence services believe that Tehran is pressuring Hamas leadership to move to the Kingdom after its military took part in the defense of Israel during last month’s missile attack by the Iranian regime.

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