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Anti-Woke Candidates Win School Board Races in Chicago


As state and local elections took place yesterday in the United States, districts in Illinois saw anti-woke candidates endorsed by the 1776 Project PAC win several school board races. On Twitter, the 1776 Project PAC stated that candidates in the Yorkville Community School District and Minooka School District in Grundy County, Illinois had several victories of anti-woke educators winning school board seats.

Before yesterday's elections began, the 1776 Project PAC told its supporters on social media that "nothing that Congress does on a daily basis will impact your life and our country's future than that of your school boards." The group called on individuals living in Wisconsin and Illinois to "get out and vote in pro-parent school board members today!"

The individuals who won seats in Minooka School District in Grundy County, Illinois, include Thomas McGowan, who won his seat by 1,252 votes, and Jennifer Monson, who won her seat by a vote total of 1,311. In Yorkville Community School District, candidate Michael Houston earned 1,334 votes to win the single seat over Molly Gerke, who finished with 1,092 votes, and Wyland Middendorf with 623 combined votes. Another 1776-PAC-endorsed candidate, Michael Knoll, won his seat by running unopposed with 2,577 votes.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic and the extreme lockdown measures on schools, parents were motivated by the questionable curriculum that they many times saw their public school children learning, which included subjects aligned with far-left woke progressive ideology. As a result, many mothers, fathers, and families got involved in local school board races, confronting teachers and public school officials about the woke curriculum and voting for new candidates who would overturn woke curriculum in K-12 education.

In Illinois, parents, teachers, and students asked school board officials to stop requiring masks but were completely ignored. In deep Democrat districts, many school board officials and college universities continue to double down on woke curriculum, hiring professors and electing school officials to teach gender theory and left-wing ideology in K-12 schools and prominent taxpayer-funded universities.

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