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Biden’s ‘Half-Hearted’ Statements on Southern Border Crisis Face Mounting Criticism

From left, President Biden, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador of Mexico and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada in Mexico City. Doug Mills/The New York Times
From left, President Biden, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador of Mexico and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada in Mexico City. Doug Mills/The New York Times

As the United States Southern Border with Mexico continues to face an influx of illegal migrants and drug cartels crossing the border, a new report by the Heritage Foundation found that President Joe Biden’s hesitation to enforce strict border policies has resulted in growing criticism of the President and his administration.

According to the report, the President announced a new "legal pathway" to come to the U.S. without a visa, visit El Paso, Texas, and attend a summit in Mexico City with his Canadian and Mexican counterparts. During these events, the President gave his "Declaration of North America" speech, with experts noting that border security was not addressed.

“Biden is clearly putting on a show to try and quell criticism rather than establish actual solutions. El Paso was cleaned before he got there, he did not see any migrants, and has only been there three hours of his entire presidency. Border security is the least of his priorities,” said Ron Kovach, press secretary at the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

In early January, the President spoke to the nation about how his administration was dealing with the situation at the southwest border, blaming Republicans for not passing his immigration bill and not granting him the funds he requested. However, experts note that the bill proposed amnesty for millions of illegal aliens while doing nothing to prevent new ones from joining them.

“The President does not care about the border being under control. If he did, he would be implementing policies designed to enforce our laws, rather than undermining border enforcement at every opportunity. He is treating it like every other issue his administration faces, do not provide solutions and give the matter lip service when he receives heat for not managing it properly,” said Kovach.

Congressional representatives were also hesitant to pass the bill, knowing that the funds would not go to deterring, detaining, or deporting foreigners who are here illegally or who fail to get asylum.

The President tried to blame the current chaos at the border on other world events, saying that in past years, "thousands of people have been fleeing countries ruled by oppressive dictators."

Kovach notes that policies like amnesty is “one of the greatest forces that brings people to our borders illegally.”

“Biden being disappointed that his bill is not being passed shows how he is essentially begging for more illegal aliens to cross our borders. Everything he has done in office indicates that his goal is to maximize illegal immigration and use it as political leverage to gain amnesty for everyone who is here.”

Biden announced he was expanding the misuse of parole by adding Cuba, Haiti, and Nicaragua to an existing program for Venezuelans with up to 30,000 people per month. According to the report, this will allow individuals to apply through the "CPB One" application to enter America by air, where they will be paroled for two years and allowed to work.

During that same week, Biden visited the U.S.-Mexico border for the first time in his presidency. He met with Texas Governor Greg Abbott as he left the plane, who handed him a letter saying that the border crisis was a "direct result of your failure to enforce immigration laws." The Governor suggested immediate actions that the President could take to secure the border that does not require new legislation or funding.

In El Paso, the President saw streets emptied of the illegal aliens who had been sleeping on them days before, as well as the trash they left behind.

The President also visited a Customs and Border Protection "migrant processing center" but did not meet with illegal immigrants and El Paso locals or take questions from the press.

According to critics, had the President met with illegal immigrants, El Paso residents, or the press, he would have learned about the situation on the ground and be held accountable for fulfilling his constitutional duty to secure the country.

“The entire El Paso visit was nothing more than a photo-op to preserve Biden's public image. He did not take questions or meet with officials because he and his team understood both scenarios would make him actually confront the crisis and either provide solutions or answer for how out of control the border has become. In essence, the president visited a Potemkin village on the Rio Grande,” explained Kovach.

During the meeting in Mexico City between Biden, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the officials said they "ran out of time before discussing immigration," and did not thank Biden for not building "one meter of wall."

The White House announced a new "virtual platform" to outline the future of illegal immigrants on how to take advantage of the parole loopholes the administration created, along with a "new center in southern Mexico."

According to reports the new "virtual platform" ends with the administration repeating its laughable assertion it will ensure that "migrants with unmeritorious protection claims are quickly removed."

The declaration does nothing for securing the border except triple down on the administration's strategy of allowing unfettered illegal immigration by making a mockery of the asylum process.

In Congress, House Republicans made efforts at border security as a condition of their support for Californian Representative Kevin McCarthy to become speaker. With the federal government divided, many expect the administration, and their Democratic Senate colleagues are vowing to block House Republican bills that seek to address this issue.

“The House of Representatives needs to pass common sense immigration limiting legislation. In the current environment, there are not even bills on the floor after two years of Republican pontification on the issue. If the House does not keep the administration accountable there is no pressure on the Senate to take up their legislation, and there is certainly no pressure on Biden to act,” Kovach said.

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