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Casualties Reported in Latest Hezbollah Attack in Northern Israel

Israeli troops carry out a drill in northern Israel. IDF
Israeli troops carry out a drill in northern Israel. IDF

An Israeli civilian was killed and five soldiers were wounded in an Independence Day attack by the Hezbollah terrorist organization near Kibbutz Adamit in western Galilee.

The deceased non-combatant was reportedly hit after running towards the target zone to aid the injured military personnel.

In response to the incursion, IDF officials stated that they struck two locations used by the terror group in southern Lebanon.

The anti-tank missile deployment, a popular munition for the Tehran-backed militants, comes amid increased hostilities in the Jewish state’s northern region since the start of the October war in Gaza.

Earlier on Tuesday, a bombardment of 10 rockets was reported to have landed in an unpopulated area near the Druze municipality of Majdal Shams.

On Monday, four more IDF members were evacuated to the hospital in a similar incident.

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