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Chinese Illegals Hit U.S. Border, Say They’re Here to ‘Take the Money’

One of ‘largest groups’ from China ever seen breaking law to enter.

When Joe Biden took office and issued a series of executive orders, essentially opening wide America's southern border to all illegals who wanted to come, there arose suspicion that America's wide-ranging and extensive public benefits programs, from schooling and health care to unemployment insurance and more, was a magnet.

Now we know.

According to a Daily Mail report, dozens of Chinese illegals have been seen entering the U.S. at the California border town of Jacumba "and say they're here to 'take the money.'"

The report explained the Chinese were lined up "telling reporters shamelessly how they're here to 'take the money.' Dozens and dozens, possibly up to hundreds of migrants, crossed the international boundary, according to Griff Jenkins of Fox News, who recorded the footage."

He, in fact, said it was one of the "largest groups" of Chinese he's ever seen breaking the law to enter the U.S.

The report cited data showing more than 150 Chinese nationals are sneaking into the U.S. illegally every day on Biden's open borders ideology.

One illegal, from Guangzhou, said he came "to take the money."

The report noted during the 2023 fiscal year, more than 37,000 Chinese migrants were spotted at the border.

Federal officials have confirmed that more than one million illegals have entered the U.S. since October.

U.S. Rep. Tony Gonzales, R-Texas, told the publication, "I've spoken to different agencies about why some communities (groups of migrants) go one place and others go another, one: it depends on what cartel controls that pipeline,.

"It's very clear that the Sinaloa Cartel is the one controlling that operation and sending Chinese more towards the California corridor…California/Arizona corridor that they control. That's half of the equation."

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