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Court in Tehran Orders U.S. to Pay $330 Million for 1980 Coup

The 1979 Islamic revolution saw the ousting of the pro-Western Shah.

The Iran state media outlet IRNA reported that a court in Tehran has issued a verdict demanding that the United States government pay $330 million in restitution for its alleged involvement in orchestrating a failed 1980 coup against the newly established regime.

According to the report, the coup was led by former Iran military commanders, and confrontations between the participants and government forces resulted in several being killed.

The report stated that family members of those killed lodged the complaint last August, alleging that the U.S. took part in the “planning and execution” of the attempted overthrow of the year-old Islamist government.

The court ruled in the plaintiff’s favor, issuing an order for “the American government to pay the plaintiffs 30 million dollars in material and moral damages, and 300 million dollars in punitive damages.”

Former President Jimmy Carter, who was president at the time, was reported as being a defendant in the case. 

Over the years, courts in the U.S. have periodically granted damages to victims of the Iran regime’s abuses.  A recent case in September 2022 awarded $455 million to American service members who were victims of Iran-backed terror attacks in Iraq.

Diplomatic ties between Tehran and Washington have remained severed since the aftermath of the 1979 revolution.

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