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German Shipping Line Says Red Sea Route Still Dangerous Following Houthi Attacks


On Tuesday, Hapag-Lloyd, a German international shipping and container transportation company, said it still considers passage through the Red Sea as "too dangerous," citing the recent attacks from the Iranian-backed Houthi terrorists against United States naval ships and shipping vessels in support of the Islamic terrorist group, Hamas, and its attack against the Jewish state of Israel.

Hapag-Lloyd said it would reroute its ships via the Cape of Good Hope, resulting in a 3,500 nautical-mile journey. Hapag-Lloyd told the BBC that 25 of its vessels are facing diversion.

Despite some shipping firms like the Danish shipping firm Maersk resuming its Red Sea operations, Hapag-Lloyd said it would review its decision this week.

The decision by the German shipping company comes as the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) said that one of its container ships was attacked while moving through the southern Red Sea to Pakistan from Saudi Arabia.

The Switzerland-based company told reporters that it had informed the coalition naval task force and "as instructed, engaged in evasive maneuvers."

MSC noted that the container ship's crew was safe and had no reported injuries.

Maersk stated on Sunday that while security measures were enacted, the overall risk in the area was "not eliminated at this stage."

"Maersk will not hesitate to re-evaluate the situation and once again initiate diversion plans if we deem it necessary for the safety of our seafarers," the statement read.

Following the Oct. 7 massacre by Hamas, the Islamic Republic of Iran has called upon its proxies in Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria to support Hamas by attacking Israeli and American forces in the Middle East region.

Despite recent airstrikes by the US military, the Houthis and other Iranian-backed terrorist groups continue to attack American troops and bases in the Middle East, generating chaos and conflict in the region.

Commercial ships using the Red Sea, with Yemen to its south, have come under attack from drones and rockets by the terrorist group, prompting several countries to join the US coalition dubbed Prosperity Guardian to protect commercial shipping in the area.

The latest attacks have disrupted everyday economic life for various companies. Businesses like Ikea have said that the supplies of its products could be delayed following the continued attacks by the Houthis. Oil firms like British Petroleum (BP) said it would temporarily stop all oil shipments through the Red Sea.

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