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Greece Dispatches Warship to Assist with Red Sea Security

The Hydra is the lead ship in her class.
Greek frigate Hydra. flickr.com
Greek frigate Hydra. flickr.com

On Monday, the Greek frigate Hydra departed from the Salamina Naval Base to take part in the European Union’s mission to protect commercial ocean traffic from Houthi directed attacks in the Red Sea.

Earlier in the day, the Greek government approved the request by Defense Minister Nikos Dendias for participation in the E.U. mission called ‘Operation Aspides.’ The warship will be joining forces with France, Germany, and Italy.

Since the start of Israel’s conflict in Gaza, the Iran-backed militants have been waging unrestricted warfare on civilian ships along Yemen’s coastline. Spokespersons for the group contend that their behavior is to display solidarity with the Hamas terrorist organization.

Officials in Athens have stated that the assignment will be defensive in nature, and that Greece will not be involved in any of the direct attacks against the Houthis that are currently being undertaken by the United States and the United Kingdom.

Greece has a large maritime related economy and has seen several of its transportation companies affected by the incursions.

On February 19, the Greek bulk carrier Sea Champion, received damage while in route to Aden when it was struck by one of two missiles that were fired at it.

In addition to attacks on its shipping industry, the Mediterranean nation has suffered a significant reduction in activity at its ports, because of vessels transversing around Africa in order to avoid the dangerous area.

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