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Hamas Commander Who Allegedly Held 1,000 Gazans Hostage in Hospital Killed by Israel

Rantisi hospital in Gaza. Social Media
Rantisi hospital in Gaza. Social Media

Over the weekend, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) successfully neutralized Hamas terrorist commander Ahmed Siam, who allegedly is believed to have had 1,000 Gazans held hostage at Rantisi Hospital.

On X, the IDF posted on their original page a photograph of Siam along with a short summary of his actions:

"Siam was a commander in Hamas’s Naser Radwan Company and is another example of Hamas using civilians in Gaza as human shields for terrorist purposes," the post read.

The Israeli Shin Bet, the country's domestic security service, provided intelligence about Siam and the operation, IDF spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari tweeted on X.

An Israeli fighter plane killed Siam and "a number of Hamas terrorists under his command" while they were hiding in a school, he said.

Hagari added that Siam was another example of Hamas’s "cynical exploitation of the residents of the Gaza Strip and civilian facilities as a human shield for the organization's terrorist needs."

From the very start of the conflict, the IDF has warned civilians in Gaza to leave Hamas-occupied areas. Following the Israeli army's entrance into the Gaza Strip, the armed forces have issued evacuation alerts to the Rantisi Hospital in northern Gaza, warning of the presence of Hamas fighters and their missile launches.

As the IDF has attempted to open evacuation routes from Hamas-controlled areas, terrorist fighters have seized upon the opportunity to attack evacuees fleeing and IDF soldiers. The IDF has told reporters that Hamas fighters have been using civilian infrastructure ranging from schools, hospitals, homes, mosques, and other ordinary buildings to store munitions and launch missiles against Israel.

Following the Oct. 7 massacre, the Israeli government has vowed to decimate Hamas leadership no matter where they are.

As Hamas continues to attack Israeli soldiers and civilians, the leadership of the organization has reached out to the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hezbollah, and other terrorist proxies in the region to support their attack and open another front against Israel.

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