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Hezbollah Launches Attack on Israeli Military Base Near Lebanon

Hezbollah rockets from Lebanon have hit an IDF base. twitter.com
Hezbollah rockets from Lebanon have hit an IDF base. twitter.com

On Monday, clashes persisted between the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and Hezbollah in the northern part of the country amid the ongoing war with Hamas in Gaza. The Iran-backed terror group launched rockets and deployed attack-drones resulting in significant damage to the Biranit Army Base.

Videos of the attack on social media showed extensive damage to the targeted facility. Despite the material destruction, there have been no reports of casualties by the IDF.

The day’s skirmishes commenced with Israel initiating artillery strikes, reportedly as a preemptive measure to deter terror cells from approaching the staging areas they control.

Hezbollah later responded to the bombardment with heavy counter-fire to the army base from Lebanon. Israeli media reported that the terrorist organization also targeted the al-Aramshe and Bar'am communities in Israel.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant reported that Hezbollah has launched over 1,000 rockets, mortars, and drones at Israel since Oct. 8.

Fighting along the border with Lebanon has caused the death of six IDF solders and three civilians since the start of hostilities.

Responding to the increased military activity in Israel’s north, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned the terror leadership in Lebanon by saying, “There are those who think they can expand their attacks against our troops and against civilians. This is playing with fire.”

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