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IDF Cancels Leave Amid Retaliatory Threats from Iran Regime

IDF soldiers taking a well-earned break. pinterest.com
IDF soldiers taking a well-earned break. pinterest.com

While Tehran threatens to retaliate for Monday’s elimination of IRGC leader Mohammad Zahedi, Israeli military officials announced the cancellation of all recreational leave for the country’s combat soldiers. The Thursday decision was described by the IDF as being “temporary.”

The order follows yesterday’s decision to place air-defense units on a heightened state of alert and activate several reserve formations to prepare for whatever plans the Islamic republic may have.

Iran’s supreme leader, president, ambassador to Syria, and the Hezbollah terrorist organization have all called for a swift and forceful response to this week’s airstrike.

Jerusalem has not officially acknowledged any involvement in the incursion.

In addition to the deployment modifications, IDF spokesperson Adm. Daniel Hagari, told reporters that authorities were disrupting GPS signals throughout the day to reduce the effectiveness of any weapon systems that may be aimed at Israel.

Many motorists in the country have reported that their navigational tools are not working properly.

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