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Iran Regime Executed 78 Prisoners in October


On Wednesday, new information revealed that at least 78 prisoners have been killed by the Islamic Republic of Iran during October.

Hengaw Human Rights Organization found a 65% increase compared to the previous month of September when 27 executions occurred.

On average, the death penalty has been administered to five prisoners every two days by Islamic Republic officials.

The 35 cases of executions were related to inmates charged with drug-related offenses, representing a significant part of the total number of prisoners executed in October.

The data also found a pattern in the types of prisoners executed. In October, around 18 Baluch prisoners, making up 23% of the total number of sentenced prisoners were killed. Four Kurdish prisoners, four Turkish prisoners, and five Afghan nationals received the death penalty.

The highest number of cases was 22, occurring in Alborz province prisons.

According to Hengaw, 10 executions occurred in Kerman province, eight in Fars province, six in South Khorasan province, five in Isfahan, and four in Gilan.

The majority of prisoners executed in September were convicted on charges related to drug offenses, accounting for 45% of all cases, totaling 35 individuals.

The increase in executions in Iran comes as the Islamic Republic continues its brutal repression of young Iranian women for their hijab wear.

A few days ago, Armita Garawand, a 16-year-old student in Tehran, died at the hands of regime officials in Iran's metro for being unveiled.

Last year, 22-year-old Iranian Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini died at the hands of the Islamic morality police for her hijab wear.

The deaths of the young women have led to protests against the ayatollahs throughout the country, with young men and women calling for the regime's downfall.

In response to the protests, the regime has deployed its supporters and security forces to crack down on journalists, celebrities, and human rights activists reporting on the crackdowns and interviewing friends and family members of those arrested and executed.

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