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Iran Regime Says Could Restore Ties if the U.S. Apologizes


Over the weekend, a member of the Islamic Republic Parliament's National Security Committee said Washington has suggested holding talks with the regime without other foreign partners who helped negotiate the 2015 nuclear agreement revoked under the Trump administration.

The Islamic Republic official, Shahryar Haidari, said that face-to-face negotiations are the new approach by Washington, adding that American officials want to receive more concessions from Tehran through direct talks.

"Iran's condition for taking part in direct negotiations with the United States is that Washington should apologize to Tehran for its mistakes during the past 44 years," Haidari said.

Haidari added that Tehran "might restore its ties with Washington if America offers the apology."

The Islamic Republic lawmaker accused the US and the "Zionist Lobby" of obstructing talks to revive the 2015 nuclear agreement, adding that the renewed US calls for direct negotiations are one of the outcomes of the Islamic Republic's new relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Speaking to Fararu website in Tehran, Iranian foreign relations expert Mehdi Motaharnia said that the US has a "complicated roadmap to harness Iran while the JCPOA is dying."

The words by Motaharnia come as Iran's Nuclear Chief, Mohammad Eslami, recently announced that negotiations between Tehran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) were "progressing positively."

Fararu website also reported that the European Union's (EU) Policy Chief Josep Borrell said there had been "positive progresses" in the IAEA's inspection of Iran's nuclear program.

Following the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini at the hands of the Islamic Republic's morality police, Iranian Americans and Europeans have called on the Biden administration not to engage in nuclear negotiations with the regime in Tehran and stand with the people of Iran by enacting crippling sanctions against the ayatollahs.

In Congress, lawmakers have called on the administration to stand with the people of Iran and support regional allies like Israel and moderate Arab states against Iranian-backed terrorist proxies.

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