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Iranian Americans Continue to Stand in Solidarity with Iran’s Protesters After 4 Months

Drummers with L.A. Daf Ensemble lead the group of protesters. (Emily Rahhal/Patch)
Drummers with L.A. Daf Ensemble lead the group of protesters. (Emily Rahhal/Patch)

Iranians in North America and Europe came out in solidarity for Iran’s protesters Sunday with large crowds gathering throughout the U.S., Canada, Germany, Sweden and beyond.

For over four months, Iranians outside Iran have continued to show solidarity with their Iranian counterparts who have been on Iran’s streets since September when 22-year-old Mahsa Amini was killed at the hands of the Islamic Republic of Iran's morality police over her hijab wear, becoming the icon and impetus of the current revolution engulfing Iran.

Side by side them, Iranian Americans and Europeans have held rallies in different cities, while urging elected representatives in the U.S. and European Union to support regime change in Iran.

In the U.S., Iranian Americans have organized and gathered in places like Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Westwood, Orange County, and New York City to protest against the Islamic Republic and its brutal crackdowns against Iranian protesters. At these protests, thousands gathered wearing t-shirts, carrying the traditional lion and sun flag, as well as posters of Masha Amini and other Iranians who have been executed at the hands of the regime. They chanted slogans like "Women, Life, Freedom," and "Death to Khamenei."

Following Amini's death, Iranian Americans continue to post videos and photographs of protests inside Iran on social media while calling on members of Congress and President Joe Biden to sanction the ayatollahs in Tehran and not engage in nuclear negotiations.

In response to the protests and meetings with Iranian human rights activists, Congressional representatives and senators continue to raise the issue in Congress, declaring their support for the protesters on the streets.

Representatives from the House and Senate have also called on the Biden administration to act more aggressively regarding Iran and fire U.S.-Iranian envoy official Robert Malley for his past role of supporting the Iran nuclear agreement.

Following the outrage over the brutal crackdowns against Iranian protesters, the Biden administration has met with various Iranian human rights activists and celebrities to discuss support for the protesters, followed by enacting sanctions against organizations and individuals associated with the Islamic government.

In December, the U.S. and 28 other U.N. members voted to kick the Islamic Republic of Iran out of the U.N. women’s body for their repression against protests, receiving praise from Iranians in America, Europe, and elsewhere.

In Europe, Iranians have gathered in Germany and France to stand in solidarity with Iran’s protesters for the past four months, calling on German, French, and other members of the European Union (E.U.) to act against the Islamic Republic. In response to the crackdowns, the E.U. has enacted a series of economic sanctions against organizations supported by the mullahs and members of the Islamic security forces.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi have accused Western governments and Israel of inciting the protests to overthrow the regime. As protests continue to spread throughout Iran, security forces have engaged in the arrests of journalists, celebrities, cooks, and ordinary citizens, sentencing them to death by hanging via cranes.

While the international community has condemned such violent actions, the regime continues to conduct their death sentences.

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