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Iran’s Regime World’s Top Executioner With 3 Executions Per Day


On Monday, the United States-based Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) claimed that around 90 individuals were executed from the end of Dec to January alone, positioning the Islamic Republic as the top regime for the highest per capita execution rate.

The statistics from HRANA showed that from Dec. 22 to Jan 20, on average, Iran carried out three executions per day throughout December, showcasing Tehran's direct disregard for human life.

HRANA highlighted the execution of Vafa Hanareh, Aran Omri, Rahman Parhazoo, and Nasim Namazi in Urmia Prison on Dec. 29, where prisoners faced charges of "moharebeh (war against God) and corrupting the earth through espionage for Israel."

The American-based entity stated that over 75% of executions in Iran are unreported by government or judicial entities and are categorized as "secret executions" by human rights groups.

The report HRANA also showed an increase in executions in the wake of the 2022 protests sparked by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini at the hands of the Islamic Republic's morality police over her hijab wear.

In 2023, around 791 citizens, including 25 women and two child offenders, were executed, leading to a 33% increase compared to 2022. Seven of the executions last year happened in public.

Following the 2022 protests in Tehran, the Ayatollahs continue to execute peaceful Iranian citizens without facing any international consequences despite condemnations from the US and other Western countries.

From 2022 to today, the regime in Tehran continues to crack down on journalists, human rights activists, artists, and political advocates while it sponsors various Islamic terrorist groups in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Gaza, the West Bank, and Lebanon.

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