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Islamic Republic Backed Cyber Group Attacks Pennsylvania Water Facility


The Aliquippa Municipal Water Authority in Pennsylvania was hacked by a cyber group backed by the Islamic Republic of Iran over the weekend.

Speaking to local CBS News KDKA-TV, Matthew Mottes, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Municipal Water Authority, revealed that the hacking group known as Cyber Av3ngers successfully took control of the station setting off alarms.

The station is in Aliquippa and manages pressure for Raccoon and Potter Townships. Mottes told KDKA-TV that there is no identified risk to the water supply.

The hacked system operated on a Unitronics platform, with Mottes noting that parts of the software are from Israel. Following the breach, the system has been shut down, and the Pennsylvania State Police are conducting a thorough criminal investigation at the booster station.

CyberAv3ngers has claimed responsibility for a series of global cyber assaults, including against Israel.

On their X page, the group revealed several photographs of the cyber-attack against the water treatment stations in Netanya, Israel, following the Oct. 7 massacre and Israel's invasion of the Gaza Strip.

In September of this year, the group said it was allegedly involved in a cyberattack targeting Israel's railroad network, revealing sensitive information about its electrical infrastructure.

The railway operator at the time debunked the occurrence of any cyberattack. The cyber-terror group also took credit for hacking the website of Israel's largest oil refinery, BAZAN Group, in the summer of 2023, releasing purported screenshots showing the company's internal systems.

Since the Oct. 7 massacre, the Islamic Republic of Iran has called on its proxies in the Middle East and Hamas supporters throughout the international world to rally behind the terror movement against Israel, vowing to wipe the Jewish state from the face of the earth.

Israeli government officials have publicly warned Tehran not to get involved in the conflict, or else Israel would act militarily against the regime and its proxies.

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