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Islamic Republic Lawmaker Says Tehran Probably Has Nuclear Weapons


A lawmaker in the Islamic Republic said on Friday that Tehran probably possesses deployable nuclear weapons.

"In my opinion, we have achieved nuclear weapons, but we do not announce it. It means our policy is to possess nuclear bombs, but our declared policy is currently within the framework of the JCPOA," Ahmad Ardestani told the state-controlled Rouydad 24.

“The reason is that when countries want to confront others, their capabilities must be compatible, and Iran’s compatibility with America and Israel means that Iran must have nuclear weapons,” Ardestani continued.

The disturbing comments come amid last week’s statement by a senior advisor to the country’s Supreme Leader that the regime would weaponize their fissile materials if they felt threatened by Israel.

United Nations inspectors have determined that the terrorist-supporting government has a quantity of enriched uranium that could produce as many as seven nuclear devices within a month and over 13 in a five-month period.

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